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Botanika Manila

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Request to Customize

If you are looking for something unique to give for your special occasion, we would be happy to customize for you. Let's discuss how we can make that happen.
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Holiday Gift Catalogue

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2022 Gifts Catalogue

Let us make your occasions more memorable through thoughtful gifts and gift tokens. Our wide collection of Native, Timeless, Rustic and Exquisite gifts will make gifting moments more special. Check out our 2022 Gifts Collection. We also welcome customized gift requests. Just send us a message and we'll be glad to collaborate with you.
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Men's Gift Corner

We now have dedicated a new selection of gifts specific to men. Check our Men's Gift Catalogue. We also welcome customized requests. Send us a message and we'd be happy to collaborate with you.
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Everyday Gifts

Check our collection of gifts that will suit your personal gifting needs. These gifts are mostly on hand and perfect to check out for any gifting occasions.
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We make our products as natural as possible

Botanika Manila strives to keep products as natural as they can be as we believe in nature's gifts to nurture us from within. Each of our products is made with skin-loving ingredients and are not tested on animals, only by family and friends.

Wow. I really like the packaging of the products. Thank you for being mindful and thoughful. I wish you the best. Looking forward to our next transaction.

— AJ Reyes, happy customer
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About us

Meet the artisan
Botanika is a branch out project for me. It initially just started as an interest to support my own health and my family's. As we have discovered the amazing benefits of aromatherapy in our home, we realized there is so much more to learn to understand its safe use and to increase our confidence in using aromatherapy to support our health and well-being. That was when I decided to pursue learning more about aromatherapy by studying it further. As we learn in this journey, we'd also love to share it with everyone. Our business's core advocacies include supporting small and local businesses to help our economy thrive in the midst of this pandemic. We have meticulously selected our suppliers to ensure their practices and advocacies also align with ours. We built our small business out of trust, ensuring our buyers that we only use natural, pure and plant-based ingredients. After all, this business is a product of our own journey to natural wellness. We are also a sustainable business. We ensure we minimize waste by choosing the right packaging that is friendly to our nature. Like what I would always say, we owe it to our children and their children that we leave them with a habitat that is safe to live in. I hope by getting to know us better, you'd find our products worth your money and I do hope they bring wellness to you and your home. Your Artisan, Jesy M.

Secure Payment

We accept Visa, MasterCard®, PayPal
When it comes to purchasing anything online, the security question towers above everything else. Our store’s overall cyber security and particularly the billing process security is something we do not take lightly. All of your shopping here will be a fun and safe experience. If you have any difficulties in the checkout process, you can always address our customer support department with your billing questions.
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Contact Us

Tell us what you think of our products. You may reach us through the following channels. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines 🇵🇭
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Mon - Fri 10:00 AM — 7:00 PM Sat 10:00 AM — 3:00 PM